Getting Credit for Your Returns

5 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Each week, use the pre-printed Return Form and Return Bag issued to you by our driver.

Step 2 – Enter the number of returns you claim by title and cover price. For newspapers, you must enter the number of returns by title, by cover price and by day of week.



Step 3 – Place the completed WHITE copy of the Return Form plus cover sheets (showing the UPC barcode) inside the Return Bag. Make sure the form face out of the clear plastic side of the Return Bag.  Keep the YELLOW copy for your records.

Step 4 – Write your ROUTE and ACCOUNT NUMBER on the Return Bag and seal it.

Step 5 – Give the completed Return Bag and your weekly payment to your driver.

Please note:  to be eligible for credit, you must return all unsold racing newspapers and all magazines complete, meaning each copy in its entirety and not just the front/back cover sheets.  For all other newspapers, you may return the front/back cover sheets but be sure the UPC codes are intact and readable.

How To Read Your Return Form