Return Scanning & Processing

We collect and scan physical returns.

In fact, we pioneered many of the best practices now widely adopted throughout the newspaper industry. Color-coded returns bags, chain-of-control management, discrepancy claims (DCRs) on scan-based trading and live claim-to-draw comparison and verification…that’s just how we work. Every step in the process is designed to ensure accuracy, integrity and auditable results by date-of-issue.

What does that mean for you?

It means you can count on more net copies and more revenue. You’ll count every sale and mitigate retailer shrink. Our returns scanning process has reduced return claims fraud by more than 70% and our DCR efforts have allowed us to preserve millions of dollars in publishers’ revenues and millions of net paid copies.  And, because our system is so accurate and so closely tied to draw by date-of-issue, we’ve all but eliminated fraudulent claims.

Return processing puts NDA in a class by itself.  We collect and scan every physical return.  That allows you to count every net paid copy and every dollar of revenue earned.