Earn higher net profit and paid copies from retail sales.

NDA is the largest independently owned and operated newspaper wholesaler in the country.  We distribute hundreds of local, national and international newspapers plus top-selling magazine titles to New York Metro retailers and specialty locations – 10,000 locations in total. We provide a wide range of full-service and a la carte solutions to help publishers maximize net profit and paid copies.

Wholesale Distribution

We provide daily service to 8,000 retail and 2,000 specialty outlets, including chains and independents.

Plus, our publishers earn net profits they can’t achieve through their own direct delivery or by using other wholesaler or distribution options. How can we help you earn more?

Outsource – The Full Service Option

Today’s industry challenges require out-of-the box thinking.  Major publishers, including the New York Times, Gannett’s Journal News and others, have completely outsourced retail distribution (even in their NDMs) to us and realized significant annual financial improvement.

In our full-service option, you may eliminate overhead without giving up control. We’ll transition 100% of your retailers and handle all of your distribution prep and reporting.  And, you’ll earn competitive remits and steady cash flow without the risk of receivables.  Is full service right for you?

Sales, Marketing & Merchandising

Our dedicated Sales and Marketing staff is in the field every day working to maximize every sales opportunity.  Put them to work for you.

Specialty Sales & Amenity Copies

Hawking, vending, NIE, Atlantic City  casinos, hotels, bars & restaurants, NY/NJ turnpike rest stops and even prisons – we service 2,000 specialty locations daily.  Specialty Sales and Amenity copies – what can we do for you?

Return Scanning & Processing

We collect and scan physical returns – still the most accurate measure of net paid sales and can transfer data real-time or in batch records.  How will returns scanning benefit you?

Alternate Delivery & Custom Distribution

Need VIP or Media copy deliveries? Looking for a low-cost alternative to the USPS for delivery of subscriber copies? Want TMC or lobby drops in even secure residential and commercial buildings? Our partner MagsExpress has you covered.


From printer to final destination, we can provide end-to-end delivery at competitive rates.  We’ve got NY Metro, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic covered. Contact us today for a cost estimate or for more information.

Home Delivery

Our sister company, Mitchell’s-NY provides complete coverage of NYC’s residential and commercial addresses and has full access to even secure buildings.  What can Mitchells-NY do for you?


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