Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has COVID-19 affected distribution?

No, our daily distribution service to retailers continues throughout the NY Metro area. Essential services, including the news media and distribution thereof are exempt from the New York State Executive Order and ‘New York State on PAUSE‘. Likewise, essential retailers, including including grocery newsstands and drug are exempt.

Does NDA deliver 7-days a week?

Yes, your NDA driver can make deliveries every day that you are open, including holidays. We are a 365-day a year operation.

What time will I get my deliveries?

Deliveries are usually made around 6:30 AM each morning.

How do I contact NDA for delivery & product information?

Our Customer Care Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM. In New York City, call us at 718.937.0402. Elsewhere, dial 888.327.6397.

How long does it take for service to start after an NDA Salesman has visited to my store?

We can start your account and delivery the next day. All new accounts will commence within 48 hours.

What is the minimum order for a new account?

We specialize in handling small, neighborhood stores so we usually look to have at least 5 copies for the delivery.

Is there a service fee for delivery?

Yes, a nominal weekly service fee is charged to help offset costs. These fees vary by geographic area. Call the Customer Care Center for more information about the service fee in your area.

What if my store is not open before deliveries are made?

You can arrange with your driver to have deliveries placed in a secured location such as inside a gate or lock box.

What should I do if I don’t get my delivery?

If you don’t receive your delivery at the usual time, call our Customer Care Center to report the problem and to check the status of the day’s activities.

What is the schedule for billing and payments?

Each week, NDA will generate an invoice for the deliveries made the preceding Monday through Sunday. Your driver will collect the total amount due along with your returns on Monday or Tuesday.

How do I check on my account balance?

You can easily check on your account balance by calling our Customer Care number 718.937.0402 and following the prompts.

What should I do with unsold products?

100% of the periodicals we carry are returnable. You will receive a pre-printed Return Form to record your returns claim. Complete the form, place it on top of your returns; insert them into the Return Bag that we provide each week. Be sure your Return Form faces out of the clear plastic side of the bag so we can read the barcode. Seal the Bag and write your account number in the area indicated on the outside. Sorry, 2 Mikes Delights food products are not returnable. See our Return Policy for further details.

What part of a newspaper or magazine do I need to return to get credit?

Most newspaper publishers require the front/back cover sheets (with the UPC code intact). However, the racing newspapers and all magazines require full-copy returns (meaning each copy in its entirety, not just cover sheets).

May I deduct my returns from the current invoice?

No, your NDA driver is expected to collect the invoiced amount in full. Returns are processed and applied to the following week’s invoice. You should never have a carry-forward balance.

How do I find out about new products you carry?

You may call our Customer Care Center to obtain a full list of publications/products sold. We also send out flyers to our dealers whenever there are new offerings.