Alternate Delivery & Custom Distribution

Looking for a low-cost alternative to the USPS, FedEx or UPS?

If you mail periodicals or catalogs, it’s time to think outside the box – outside the mailbox. Alternate Delivery or “AD” puts the reach of the nation’s newspaper and TMC carriers to work for you. Introducing MagsExpress, our AD and custom distribution solution.

Want to save as much as 30%?

Clients like New York magazine, The Week, The Nation, Restoration Hardware and BoConcepts use MagsExpress and here’s why:

  • Costs are as much as 30% lower than postage.
  • Subscriber satisfaction is high.
  • Personalized copies with doorstep delivery, even in secure buildings
  • Unmatched household penetration in NYC, DC and other Metro markets nationwide
  • Publishers control day and time of delivery, including next day.
  • AD requires minimal delivery prep. Forget postal regs, compliance and deflection tests.
  • We’re already working with Palm Coast and CDS fulfillment companies.
  • We’re 100% AAM, BPA and VAC audit compliant.
  • End-to-end delivery. We’ll pick up at your printer and deliver to your subscribers’ doorsteps

Need guerrilla marketing, street marketing or hand-to-hand delivery?

Whatever you choose to call it, MagsExpress does it.  We field professionally managed teams of street marketers weekly.  We’ve got all the strategic high volume foot traffic areas plus Subway, bus and commuter rail stations covered.

Does low-cost prospecting sound good?

See how productive lobby and mailroom drops are. Target residential and business prospects by ZIP or neighborhood. We have 1,000 delivery specialists serving 5,000 buildings in New York City 365 days per year.

Need media or custom deliveries?

With our exclusive menu of custom solutions, we’re ready to prove how we can satisfy ALL of your delivery and custom distribution. Get guaranteed low rates and accurate, consistent and reliable same-day, rush or scheduled deliveries. Our delivery specialists are bonded and tenured.

Find out how our unbeatable AD and custom distribution solutions can help you deliver your magazines, newspapers, catalogs, books and directories cheaper…faster…better.