2 Mikes Delights

Now, even more ways to profit.

NDA and its predecessor companies have been serving New York’s retailers for more than 30 years, distributing newspapers and magazines. Its two principal owners, both named Mike, have always been committed to their customers and to giving them every possible profit opportunity. So, they asked them, “What else can we do to help you?” It turns out, customers want to buy other products, in addition to newspapers and magazines, from the Mikes and so, 2 Mikes Delights was born.

2 Mikes Delights specializes in selling food and convenience products that typically have a lot of daily turns – including single serving bakery and snack foods, plus e- cigarettes and more, and all at competitive margins.

Why buy from 2 Mikes Delights?

  • We’re in your store every day
  • Order by 3 PM today, take delivery tomorrow
  • Profit from competitive margins
  • Choose from best-selling brands
  • We’re easy with which to work & committed to service
  • We rotate SKUs and optimize your sales
  • We provide free displays and POS materials
  • We’re reliable because we’re an NDA company.

Call us today to order or to schedule a visit from one of our Sales Representatives.